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Most Popular Live Chat Support Tools For Your Business

live chat support tools

In the last post we discussed features that we must look for in a live chat support tool. Based on these features we have picked some of the most popular options that may meet the requirements of your business. One of the most important considerations that went into preparing this list was whether or not general and […]

Top Features To Look For In Live Chat Support Tools

live chat support

We discussed the importance of managing our customer satisfaction and expectations by offering quality support in the previous post. Since the term “best” doesn’t always fit universally given different organization structures, today we take a look at some of the essential features you should be looking for in live chat support tools. Ease of Use: […]

Are you managing your customer’s satisfaction?

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In this era of social media and awareness, customer satisfaction can make or break businesses. A good percentage of customer satisfaction depends on providing a product or service which meets the customer’s expectations. The other, more significant percentage depends highly on how good the before and after sales support is. While social media itself is […]