Is Dedicated Hosting Still a Viable Choice for Enterprises?


It is not so long ago that the cloud was introduced, something that came out as a big threat to the future of web hosting providers and third party data centers. Especially for the higher end Dedicated Hosting; the development of the cloud innovative solution raised a vast array of speculations and predictions for many. However, research shows that a big percentage of web hosting is controlled by dedicated server providers, which might raise a number of questions.

One of the most significant among such concerns is whether this type of hosting service is still effective as far as entrepreneurship is concerned. Most people in this age and day end up facing a dilemma when it comes to choosing between the dedicated type and the cloud type of hosting. Well, you might be one of them, but here are a few answers for you. But what is the main question again? Is dedicated hosting still a viable choice for enterprises?

Data Sharing and Security

Data security is a key pillar in the branding and reputation building for enterprises. You can therefore not afford to compromise on security by any means. If you run a business where security is critical or may get critical at some point along the way, it can be better to make your choice wisely when looking for a suitable hosting package. While you may consider cloud hosting for the benefit of saving on costs, the resources here as well as the infrastructure are shared among several users, meaning that there are higher chances of your business data ending up in the hands of the wrong people by any means. The fact that dedicated hosting offers a dedicated server without the sharing of IP addresses and resources and offers more when it comes to security protocol utilized. The fact that the business owner can choose to control security settings and protocols or even establish their own makes it even more secure and quite a viable choice for enterprises.


When you have a dedicated hosting server, you are more at ease with your data management and enjoy more convenience than some form of shared hosting such as the cloud and other cheap services. Your server is less prone to failures, crashes and malfunctions from congestion of the system, since you are using it alone. Lesser downtime can mean better site performance and therefore more interactive to your business clients and target audience.


Numerous Resources

Data hosting also comes with numerous additional resources that provide more convenience. For instance, one can easily back up personal data on the go, through simple clicks on the application control bars they regularly use. They also offer a systemized form of automatic data backup solutions

As you can see, dedicated server hosting has more benefits than shared or cloud web hosting therefore, if you are an entrepreneur and you are worried about utmost security, you should choose a dedicated server for your business!

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