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Why a Young Entrepreneur Needs a Dedicated Server?

Why-a-Young-Entrepreneur-Needs-a-Dedicated-Server

When starting up an online business or taking operations online, there is sure much to think about. From web design to SEO, data management, and web hosting, but it remains of crucial importance to look for a Dedicated Server if at all you are aiming for maximum success in the long run. The main point […]

Is Dedicated Hosting Still a Viable Choice for Enterprises?

Is-Dedicated-Hosting-Still-a-Viable-Choice-For-Enterprises

It is not so long ago that the cloud was introduced, something that came out as a big threat to the future of web hosting providers and third party data centers. Especially for the higher end Dedicated Hosting; the development of the cloud innovative solution raised a vast array of speculations and predictions for many. […]