03/07/2014 Today’s Server Downtime – Issue and Resolution

03/07/2014 Today’s Server Downtime – Issue and Resolution

Dear Customers,

Today a very small portion of our servers got auto suspended due to a WHMCS bug; due to this some of your servers went down for a while. While the downtime was not much, we do understand how this affects your sites / projects / businesses.

Our qualified developers fixed the issue as soon as we realized about it and all servers went back online. We assure that this issue will not occur again since the WHMCS bug is permanently fixed.

EqServers is deeply sorry for any inconvenience caused to you by this small but significant downtime. While all this happened, we noticed that you were all patient and co-operative with our technical support team. We are very happy to see this patience and co-operation from your end.

As a compensation for the downtime which was due to an issue from our end, EqServers has decided to offer 3 Days of free extension for all the customers who were affected by this downtime.


EqServers LLC

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