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Need a Dedicated Server for Streaming?

Business large or small, dedicated servers are a prime need today. Almost everything in the world is going digital. Don’t you believe it’s crucial to secure data that plays a pivotal role in business? When planning to host a commercial website, some kind of a mail server or an exclusive web application, making the right pick plays a big role. The most popular option though is shared hosting.

Are you aware of the drawback of shared hosting? Well, the name says it all. It implies that resources of a single server are shared and used by different other websites. Obviously you enjoy less control and thwarted security of data! Dedicated servers on the other hand offers you optimum control and an all-exclusive right on the server’s resources. No sharing in a nutshell!

This is undeniably a huge advantage! Firstly, you don’t have to put up with the troubles of other websites jamming your server’s CPU and RAM. Secondly, your server will never wear down or run slow due to bad scripts on a roll in some other website.

Switching to dedicated server hosting is absolutely compulsory if you own a big-hit website that successfully draws in a lot of traffic. It’s kind of an upgradation that offers you ample space, optimum performance, top-notch security and complete access to the server’s resources. Cherry on the cake – you also get to enjoy a unique IP address that’s certainly not the case when opting for shared hosting services.



  • Low Latency Network Built for Streaming.
  • Global network with more than 5 Tbps capacity.
  • World class 24/7/365 support service.
  • Optimum streaming benefits for continuous viewing of audio and video contents.
  • ideal combination of Best performance and unbeatable value.

If you are planning to set-up a platform that hosts HD videos, live streaming, audio content, online games or some super-advanced software without any hassle, the revolutionary new Dell R720 is rightly your go-to dedicated server. It makes streaming a piece of pie!


Streaming Servers

Setup Time 12/24 Hours

CPU Speed
4/8x 3.2 GHz
120GB SSD + 3x2TB SATA
1 Gbps


8/16x 2.4 GHz
120GB SSD + 6x1TB SATA
1 Gbps


16/32x 2.0 GHz
1 Gbps


Datacenter Info:
  • icon1Location: Haarlem, Netherlands
  • icon2Datacenter: Evoswitch
  • icon3Uptime: 99.99%
  • icon4Test IP:

Network and Bandwidth

Server port speed is 1Gbps Dedicated in full duplex. The bandwidth is 150TB or UNMETERED / Unlimited .

Streaming / CDN is allowed in the above servers .

Test the speed of the network by downloading a speed-test file.

Select a file to Download

About EqServers

EqServers LLC was founded in 2011, We are hosting provider specializing in unmanaged dedicated server in 2 locations :

US | Netherlands .

Eqservers LLC 3422 Old Capitol Trail Suite 28, Wilmington, DE 19808 .

T: 800-889-0085

F: 302-231-2313

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The Customer Service and the quality we have received the last 8 months from EqServers is Awesome, Very recommended .

Vladimer Shaul


I am very happy with EqServers services, They are reliable and professional +1 for them .



I have been with EqSerevrs more than 1 year, Never had any problems, I would say they are totally recommended provider .

Antonio Garcia


One word AMAZING, They have friendly staff, Always try to help even my server in unmanaged, I am 100% satisfied.

Ahmad Mubarek

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