official statement about :

official statement about :

You are currently reading an official statement.  This statement is in regard to the status of, in relation to the termination of their dedicated servers through Eqservers LLC.  If you are a customer of and you have recently lost access to your dedicated server, then this information is vitally important to you.  Please keep reading to see exactly why this situation has come to its current end and what you can do to regain access to your server.

For more than two years, TuvixHosting was a customer of Eqservers LLC.  They had a great quantity of dedicated servers that they were using through us (Eqservers LLC).  This was how the operation of their hosting services functioned: the servers they used through our company were then leased out to others to host websites etc.  It was a healthy business relationship that functioned well under the circumstances of that time.
However, in recent times TuvixHosting has fallen upon financial issues.  As their situation grew worse, this led to continuously late payments of what was owed to Eqservers LLC.  As of current standings, TuvixHosting is late on two months of payments to Eqservers LLC, and the invoices continued to pile up.

TuvixHosting had made promises to Eqservers LLC to pay back the money owed, and thus Eqservers LLC continued to work with this company without payment in an attempt to help them get back on their feet.  However, the promises that were made were later not kept, and this left Eqservers LLC in a very precarious situation.  Options were explored as to how to resolve the situation, but at this point it was out of Eqservers LLC’s power to control what happened.  TuvixHosting continued to withhold payment due to their financial situation.

As a result of these actions, Eqservers LLC has been forced to terminate all of TuvixHosting’s servers.  This was not an ideal option, but it was the only measure that could be taken in view of the circumstances.
If you are a customer of TuvixHosting whose server has been shut down, then we urge you to get in contact with Eqservers LLC before 15/07/2016.  This is an extremely urgent matter and we strongly suggest that you get in contact with us immediately.  It is vital that you renew for at least 30 days to have access to your files and thus have the ability to back up your data.  If action is not taken before the 15th of July, 2016, then all data and servers could be lost.

To start this process as quickly as possible, please contact  When you are writing your email to us, please include any invoices and proof of your dedicated server ownership so that we can move forward without delay and rescue your inaccessible data.

Eqservers LLC has not had any responsibility for the issues of this situation as stated above.  As a result of bad finances, TuvixHosting put Eqservers LLC into a situation that left us without options.  We are sorry for the inconvenience caused to the customers of TuvixHosting.  However, Eqservers LLC is not at all obligated in this situation to do anything to correct the mistakes that TuvixHosting made, thus causing said inconvenience to their own customers.

That being said, we have provided a way for the customers of TuvixHosting to regain access to their servers.  This decision was made because of the many requests for help that we have received from these customers.  However, urgent action is required to make sure you do not permanently lose access to your data and your servers.

Thank you for your attention and your understanding of this situation.  Eqservers LLC is here to help in whatever way we can, but urgent action is needed on your part.  That is why we strongly encourage you to get in contact with us before the 15th of July 2016 so that we can work together to resolve this situation.

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